12 Knit Accessories for Your Coffee

If you’re a lover of coffee or tea, accessories related to your caffeine-fueled obsession are both fun and useful to knit. Here are some great ideas to get you started. check out these coffee-related knitting patterns

Hooker Leo has a cute coffee cup square motif that was made for an afghan but could be used as a cloth. The Coffee Lover’s Dishcloth by Louise Sarrazin is another great choice and includes a sentiment we can all get behind (“must have coffee”).

If you know double knitting, the Coffee and Tea Potholders from Elizabeth Evans are great, and will protect your table well since they’re really thick.

Lina Wolf’s Coffee Cup Coasters are great little projects for using up leftovers (they’re double knit as well) or try Melanie Thompson’s simple coaster pattern. french press cozy knitting patterns

Keep your French press warm with this cabled cozy pattern from Mindy Lewis, or try a stash-busting striped vest for your coffee by Carol Galton. coffee cozy knitting patterns

And what about your coffee mug? Keep it cozy with the Crown Coffee Cozy form Just Crafty Enough, Charlotte Dunning’s Coffee Lover’s Favourite or the adorable Owl Coffee Cup Cozy from Sabrina Thompson, among many others.

While you’re at it, check out my patterns for an easy scrap-knit coffee cup cozy and the two-color coffee cup cozy, perfect for learning how to work with two colors at once.


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    Thanks, Sarah, for sharing these. Definitely putting some of these patterns on my Christmas present knitting list. Great gift ideas!!


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