2012 Wall Calendar from Interweave!

SQUEEEEE! I’m so excited. I got my copy of the 2012 Interweave Wall Calendar. The one I had from last year is almost used up! 😉

What I love about the calendar… It’s a standard 12×12 size, and the squares are HUGE to write stuff in. But that’s just calendar stuff.

This one is cool. Picture a design board featuring sweaters and all of their probably and possible elements.

January starts out with the advantages of seams, gives you tips and techniques and a drawing to keep people like me who are blonde on track.

Fast forward to July (don’t I wish!) where they explore colorwork and color combinations, tips, techniques and drawings (you  know, for me!)

and December closes it all up with zippers, buttons, toggles, hooks and eyes, and again, tips, techniques and pictures. In between there is sleeve details, cable ideas, shoulder treatments… and it’s chock full of colored pictures of some of Interweave’s best work.

Seriously the only thing that could make this calendar any better is if it were on sale! Wait! What??? It is on sale!

Regularly priced at $14.95, now it’s $7.47. I’m not that good at math but that speaks to me as being about 1/2 off.

Don’t know how long it will be on sale so hurry and get over there!  HERE!!



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