Stitches From The Heart

Stitches from the Heart is a non-profit organization that sends handmade clothing, blankets, and love to premature babies all across the nation. We also have a senior program that helps seniors help others by donating yarn and supplies.

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  1. Marlene Banks says

    Hi – I have printed free patterns from your organization which is fairly old. I tried to bring it up again, but cannot get into this information. I typed in “ but nothing happens. There is a note saying this site is under construction? What is happening? I’m looking for free knitting patterns for infants hats and simple blankets to knit. Thank you. marlene banks

  2. Hilda Vanderhoof says

    Could you please inform me by e-mail when my knitted baby hats arrive. The last time I sent to the original address and they were returned to me, and I went on your website and found the new address. Consequently I had to pay to have mailed to you and then had to pay to have them returned to me and had to pay a third time to be sent to the new address.

  3. karen roth says

    I have some knitted caps to send. I sent them to, the address at 3316 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, ca. and it came back to me. Do you have another address?
    Karen Roth

  4. says

    To all that:

    The Santa Monica address closed in 2010. All items can be sent to :

    Stitches from the Heart
    9450 Mira Mesa Blvd Suite C419
    San Diego CA 92126


    Kathy Silverton has retired as of May 2012. Also our website has been updated and any links you have may no longer be valid. Check us out at

    If you have any questions please please feel free to contact me.

    GeorgeAnne Plaza
    Stitches from the Heart

    I hope we hear lots from everyone and enjoy the new look of our organization

  5. dee perry says

    I too sent a box of crocheted items back on 6-8 and it was refused because it wasn’t the correct address. I paid $14 to send it and it was returned because it needed more postage to go to the new address. Thus I will not be sedning any thing else to your organization. Nor will I recommend you to any of my needle work friends. A waste of my time and money!!

  6. dee perry says

    I recieved the old address with a leaflet dated December 2010. If that address closed in 2010 why send it out??? Not a reputable non-profit

  7. Hilda Vanderhoof says

    What is going on with Stitches From the Heart? My letter sent to 9450MiraMesa Blvd get returned by PO Unable to forward. I sent a check to pay for my subscription and was returned by PO. I have hats to send but am afraid they will be returned by PO. What is a good address or isn’t there one?
    Hilda Vanderhoof

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