Isn’t this adorable! It’s an advent Calendar made from mini hats and mittens. Now, before you say, “Duh, Terrye, isn’t that a bit obvious”, let me say this.
No. To me it wasn’t. I had to read the description. Ok, due to all of the recent snowfall, my mind may be a bit frozen.

But before you dismiss this as the “I don’t do an Advent Calendar” person I am, er, I mean you may be, think garlands, tree trimming, wrap arounds for stuff (thinking the vertical beams in my log cabin), gift packages… I loved it!

This time of year there are so many cool things to blog about, new patterns, tried and true recipes, don’t even get me started on the mulled wine issue!

So much knitting to do, so little time. As the Harlot says “You tempt the Christmas knitting fates and you get smacked!” She’s a stitch!

And, finally, because I have 2 new grand-dogs (pomeranians) this year and more time than brains), how about this? A Free Cat Hoodie Pattern! (These poms are way smaller than a lot of cats, work with me here). http://www.craftleftovers.com/blog/archives/774

That’s all I have to ramble on and on about today. Hope I’ve given you lots of knitting ideas!


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