Love Is In The Air….

Valentine’s Day Is Coming!

While you still have time, why not knit some hand holding mittens for you and your sweetie? These sets consist of 3 mittens, 2 for a single hand, and other for hand holding. Perfect for a walk in the cold snowy woods. A little hot cocoa (maybe with some Peppermint Schnaaps….) and you’re good to go! The instructions for this first pair, here are written in what I believe, is Norwegian, but the charts are very clear, with a bit of figuring, they’d be easy to knit.

The instructions for this pair, here, are written in English, much easier to figure out. Who’s up for a challenge?


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    Oh, thanks for the link! I’ve been thinking about making a pair of these for a couple I know that’s going to be married soon.

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