A Darn Pretty Drawing For A Darn Good Cause!

Each year The Compass School, an independent school for grades 7-12 in Southern Vermont, takes its Junior class on a two week service trip to South America. Every student goes, whether the family can afford the trip or not. And every student performs valuable service work in the communities they visit!

To help them raise much needed funds this year (every student gets to go, whether the families can afford the trip or not), we have donated a 5 inch set, US 4 through US 11 (yes, 11!) This set is crafted from an as-yet-unavailable pattern, Tortoise, and comes with four cables, four stops, and a russet case signed by Tom – Set #1200!

To support this amazing program at this amazing school, tickets can be purchased below.  Tickets are $1 each, 11 for $10, 25 for $20, 60 for $50, or 130 tickets for $100.  For the knitter who loves to support student adventure and stellar educational experiences while increasing the odds, $250 will provide that knitter with a whopping 350 tickets!  Go HERE

We’ll chart progress on here and in the Heads Up! DP Drawing! thread in the DyakCraft group on Ravelry, so check back often over the next two weeks to see how the students are doing. Drawing date is April 30!



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