A Duo of Easy Knit Shawls

painted desert shawlIf you’re still looking for something to knit for a quick holiday gift, I’ve got a couple of ideas for you that have hit my inbox recently. cascade 220 shawlette

The Simple Shawlette from Cascade Yarns (that’s a link to a PDF, by the way) has a simple eyelet pattern and can be worked using between one and three skeins of Cascade 220, depending on what you have on hand and how much time you have to knit it!

Knitting Fever’s Painted Desert Lace Shawl (that’s a PDF, too) is another simple triangular shawl decorated with eyelets. This one will take you a little longer because its sock yarn (one skein of Painted Desert by Knitting Fever, naturally) but the multicolored yarn makes this one super-pretty, too. (And you could use whatever sock yarn you have lying around that you don’t want to turn in to socks.)

Are you still doing holiday knitting? I knit about a million mitts over the weekend, which I will tell you more about soon.

[Large photo via Knitting Fever; small photo via Cascade Yarns.]


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