A Great Lacy Pattern for New Lace Knitters: Feather and Fan

feather and fan washclothWhenever I talk about lace knitting I always bring up Feather and Fan, a term which is sometimes used interchangeably with Old Shale, though technically they’re different patterns.

Whatever variation of the pattern you use, it combines a series of increases and decreases that aren’t right next to each other, which makes the edge of the fabric scallop in a really pretty way.

About a year ago I did a roundup of some pretty patterns using Feather and Fan (including a washcloth and scarf that I “designed”). There’s also a simple scarf on Knitter’s Review that is a great introduction to the stitch.

This is a nice gateway to more complex lace stitches because it’s still a really easy repeat but it looks fancy and is just a lot of fun to knit.

Have you ever made a project with Feather and Fan or Old Shale stitch? I’d love to hear about it!


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