A Knitalong Where You Get to Choose

Join Caron United for a choose your own adventure knitalongThis sounds like fun: Caron United (Yarnspirations) is having a Choose Your Own Adventure knitalong/crochetalong. The event takes place from Sept. 9 through Oct. 15 and involves a scarf, a sock monkey and a weekly clue.

The scarf calls for three different colors of yarn and of course they’d love you to use Caron United, an acrylic yarn made in the United States that benefits the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.

I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I’m guessing there are choices you make in the story that end up telling you how to knit the scarf, the assumption being that no two people will choose the exact same instructions and thus every scarf will be unique.

That’s my guess, anyway.

My book will be done by then so I just might have to sign up for this one.

Intrigued? I’d love to know if you sign up for it!

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