A Look at the Many Benefits of Knitting

health benefits of yarn craftI’ve written a lot in the past about the benefits of knitting, and there are a lot of them, from improved mental fitness to help with healing after an accident or injury.

Knitting is relaxing, can help you sleep and is an easy way to help people if you knit for charity.

Over at the Lion Brand blog, Kathryn Vercillio has outlined the 10 Most Important Health Benefits of Yarncrafting.

My personal favorite may be number 4:

Crafting May Reduce or Postpone Dementia

Several studies have shown that knitting and crochet can postpone age-related memory loss. The crafts can also be soothing for those people who are already experiencing signs of dementia. Recently, researcher Yonas Geda, MD, a neuropsychiatrist at the Mayo Clinic, completed a study that showed knitting is neuroprotective and may reduce dementia by as much as 50%.

Sounds good to me!

[Photo of eye pillow via Lion Brand Yarn.]

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