A New Contest from AslanTrends!

Everyone LOVES a contest, so, from Asland Trends, here goes:

our first annual KNITTING CHALLENGE 2009
will be an annual contest in which, through the use of AslanTrends Yarns, we ask entrants to create their own designs based on a set of creative guidelines. A panel of prestigious judges from the professional Knitting community will take part in determining the winners. Top tier winners will receive cash, AslanTrends Yarn and other prizes.
The ASLANTRENDS KNITTING CHALLENGE creates wonderful opportunities for Knitters to express their creativity and share their talents with the rest of the Knitting world. As a company, the competition allows ASLANTRENDS the opportunity to witness firsthand the diverse wealth of ideas and methods by which our yarns can be utilized by the Knitter. We encourage all of you to take part: novice or advanced. The goal is to have fun and share in an inspiring creative event!

For complete details, visit AslanTrends website!

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