A Peek at Knitty First Fall

check out knitty's first fall collectionI’m not anywhere near thinking about fall yet, but the good news is that Knitty’s First Fall edition isn’t really thinking about fall that much, either. This is a collection that’s abut seasonal transitions, so if it’s still feeling springlike where you are these patterns would be great for that, too, and there are certainly things here you can knit, wear, use and enjoy throughout the year.

Like a lot of people I’m sure, I’m in love with the “cover” pattern this time around. Indigo Cones is a lacy short-sleeved cardigan worked in a cotton/linen blend that’s actually perfect for summer. Aileen Ryder designed it to have lots of negative ease because it’s only fastened at the top neck and flutters over whatever size body is underneath.

Mone Dräger’s Hidden Gusset Mitts are lovely as well, with a rib stitch that goes up the thumb, as the title suggests, hiding the gusset for the thumb. These would be great to wear in a cold office in the summertime.

The Jasseron pullover by Becky Wolf is another one that caught my eye because I’m a sucker for a good raglan. This one has a plain body and contrasting lacy sleeves that I just love.

And then, of course, there’s I Can Knit a Rainbow by Natty Knits. It’s a plush rainbow with some fun knitting skills worked it. I’m sure it’s supposed to be for a kid — and my rainbow-loving child is going to have to have one of these — but I’d like one for the bookshelf in my office, too.

In addition to the patterns, Franklin Habit teaches us a bit about the history of knitting flowers and offers a knit boutonniere and Donna Druchunas offers a look at Egyptian knitting, among other fun stuff.

See anything that catches your eye? I’d love to hear about it!



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