A Scarf without Knitting

pom pom scarfMost of the time I try to stick to writing about yarn crafts that actually involve knitting, but most of us who work with yarn sometimes like to do things with it that are not knitting, so I thought I would share this fun project with you in case you have any red or pink yarn left over from your Valentine’s Day crafting.

This Pom-pom Scarf is exactly that: a scarf made out of pom-poms. I like the way she assembled it by leaving long tails on the pm-poms and tying them together rather than tying them all to a separate piece of yarn. She also added ribbons to the end, which is super cute.

She used two balls of yarn to make the pom-poms, and that was enough for a scarf for a 7-year-old, but you could use any colors you like in bigger quantities to fit an adult. Either way, it’s pretty darn cute.

[Photo via Tea Rose Home.]



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