A Story about Men Knitting That’s Not Hysterical

men knittingMost stories about men knitting are what we called in journalism school “hey, Martha” stories. (As in, hey, Martha, take a look at this funny story!) They expect readers to be shocked, and probably a little amused, that men would do such a traditionally feminine thing (forget for a minute that men were the original knitters).

This story from the Boston Globe is nice because it doesn’t take too much of that hysterical tone. It is about men taking up hobbies traditionally thought of as being more associated with women — and it’s funny that when women like to cook it’s considered normal, but when men do it’s worthy of a newspaper article — but it takes a different angle than a lot of stories of this sort do.

The reporter, James H. Burnett III, talks about how membership in traditional men’s clubs like the Elks has been in decline and that men are instead meeting in smaller, less organized groups to do things like cook, read and knit together. Which is kind of news, I guess.

I still want one of these stories, someday, to use the term “not your grandpa’s knitting.” Don’t ask me why.

[Photo by Matthew J. Lee/Boston Globe.]


  1. Delvia says

    I love this story and creative expressive crafts is good for everyone. Some men are incredible knitters and yarn techniqians.

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