All New Homespun Handknit from Amy Clarke Moore

Homespun yarn has it’s own character. The textures, colors, and blends all combine to create something unique. No two yarns are alike. Their textures are unmatched.

Amy Clarke Moore, Editor of Spin-Off Magazine brings us this book, with 25 small (most use only a few hundred yards of handspun) projects to be knit with your own (or if you’re lucky enough to be the recipient of) homespun yarn.  While not a spinning technique book, it’s chock full of 25 patterns like hats, shawls, jackets, scarves, soakers, bags, mitts, and my favorite, an Andean Alpaca Poncho for your favorite youngster. The yarn is unique, the projects are unique. Each project includes the information needed to create the best yarn for the project, or to even substitute the right commercial yarn.

All New Handspun Handknit discusses spinning a wide variety of fibers with a certain project in mind and knitting with handspun. In addition to basic yarn information (yards per pound, gauge, wraps per inch), each project includes details on the techniques used to create each yarn.

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