Amazing Knit Characters from The Hobbit


I love to see the amazing things that people come up with to knit. I generally stick to wearables, and have only participated in one yarn bombing, but I love it when people just go all out to celebrate something they love in knits.

Case in point: Denise Salway, a 50-year-old Welsh stitcher who has taken up knitting a hoard of characters from The Hobbit. She says she learned to knit in school and put down her needles for decades until her daughter asked her to knit favors for her wedding.

Once that colossal project was done, she turned to knitting dwarves, Gandalf, Bilbo and Smaug, who is stunning. There’s even a knit Peter Jackson complete with camera.

Even more amazing, she doesn’t work from patterns and has just been designing in her head, though she says she has started writing some patterns down. Somebody needs to get this lady a book deal!

[Photo from Wales News Service Ltd., via the Daily Mirror.]


  1. Knitting Witch Denise says

    Really glad you like my designs I made of the hobbits. Thanks for posting me on your site, hello everyone

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