An Easy Pullover for Kids

kids pullover craftfoxesI’m starting to get some of that mom knitter guilt about the fact that my daughter only has one handknit sweater the currently fits her. I need some easy patterns in my library that I can whip out when I have a spare week to do some knitting for her.

The Aiden almost seamless pullover from CraftFoxes might be a good choice. Sized from newborn up to 8 years, it’s meant to be for boys but would be great for my active little girl, too. It’s a bottom up affair with a cute shawl collar worked as you go, so there’s very little finishing required. I also love this yarn, Berroco Ultra Alpaca. It’s a super warm wool and alpaca blend that means your kid can go outside and play and stay warm even without a coat.

[Photo via CraftFoxes.]


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