Another Free(ish) Pattern: Striped Toddler Vest

striped toddler vets jean flemingIt’s interesting that I keep happening upon patterns this week where one size is free but others are available for purchase. It’s actually really clever because people can get a peek at what your patterns look like without buying, but can choose to if they like the look of the pattern but need a different size.

Today’s partial freebie is the cute, bulky Striped Toddler Vest by Jean Fleming. The size 3/4 pattern is available as a download on Ravelry, and is sized up to size 8 in a pattern available at her Etsy shop for $5.

This easy striped vest is a quick project with the option of a classic collar or a hoodie. Or, since it knits up so quick, why not make both in a couple of different stripe combinations?

I love bulky knits on kids, and the fact that when the grow out of them fast you haven’t spent too much time on them. If you have a little on e in your life, this one is worth a look.

[Photo by Jean Fleming.]


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