Attention All Sockknitters….

OK. I need some encouragement here. Sock knitting is all the rage, has been for quite awhile. Not one to be left behind, I went to the LYS and found some really cool sock yarn ( I won’t divulge the brand name – it’s a pretty sure bet that this failure didn’t have anything to do with them). I already am in possession of at least 17 of each size needle in any length and configuration available so I didn’t need those, and I signed up (or verbally agreed to) the Knit A Pair Of Socks A Month program that a friend and I thought up. How hard could it be?
You know the routine, went home, hunted up the needles, and cast on.
Aprox 6 years later I had a pair of socks. They did not fit but I wore them anyway, after all they were handmade and all, not to mention the most expensive pair of socks I’ve ever owned.
And then I washed them.
And then I wore them (repeat no more than 6 times). And then the holes appeared. They were wearing thin in the heels. After 6 wearings. What did I do wrong?. Anyone? Why did they wear thin? I used sizes 1 and 0, why was the fabric all stretched out and not tight? (I do actually get the concept of “gauge”).

So, I’d like to try again. I’m nothing if not persistent and banging my head against the wall is one my favoite things to do.
And also because I found Flat Feet Yarn that looks good enough to eat! Seriously, have you seen it? Its by Conjoined Creations although You can also get it at and Paradise too. Bet it would even make an awesome bag! Have you seen this stuff? Go to Ravelry to see some of the outrageous designs!


So, your turn. Steer me toward the perfect pattern, perfect technique and perfect yarn. Give me hints, tips, techniques.. Anything. Talk me into trying again because I don’t have enough projects going yet.

I’m waitin…..

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    After 40 years since I last knitted a pair of socks, I have just finished a pair for my hubby. This time I made them without a heel, I guess you would call them tubesocks. But these are with a twist literally, they are spiral socks as the pattern spirals around the sock and so makes the sock fit perfectly. With the leftover from the ball I made a pair of baby spiral socks for my future grandchild. I will post that pattern tomorrow, but for now you can find the picture and pattern at my blog:
    It is fun knitting socks, especially when watching TV.

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    Thanks for letting people know about Flat Feet! We just got in the new Flat Feet Sock of the Month. We aren’t allowed to post pictures of it on our website. You can see pictures of it on Ravelry though. If you’re interested in the sock of the month give us a call 888-320-7746.


    PS love your website :)

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    Could be the yarn. I’ve had two pairs of socks that wore out within a few months and one pair that’s lasted for years. I also think some of us are harder on socks than others. Mine wore out while the ones I made my husband and son are still going strong.

    You can try reinforcing the heel with sewing thread while you knit it. I’ve heard it helps. You can also buy reinforcing thread.

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    I absolutely love the Monkey Socks designed by Cookie A. from Winter 2006 Knitty, you can find the pattern here:
    It’s knit on 5 needles which I don’t normally like but this pattern is so well designed and written that even with what appears to be an intricate pattern they are a very easy sock. I am enjoying them very much. And I will make the pattern again.
    If you consider yourself an beginner/intermediate knitter then you can most definitely make these socks and love them all the way!
    Also I hear the “RPM Sock” from Knitty is also a very good pattern, but I have not yet tried it – it’s on the list!
    PS – flat feet are AWESOME too, great for knitting on the go because you don’t have to wrestle with a ball that can get all tangled in your bag.

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    I will definitely try the monkey socks, they look like it would be an easy pattern to master, yet not boring.

    Thanks for sending the link!


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    I knit at bulletproof gauge (9st/in on US1 needles) and haven’t had any wear through problems, could be your yarn. MimKnits Boudica socks are a great pattern, so are Hedgerow socks

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