Attention British Knitters! More Woolsacks Needed!

woolsacks londonI don’t know how many British knitters read this page, but I just saw on Knit Today’s Twitter feed that knitters are still needed to help with the Woolsack Project. This event is part of the Cultural Olympiad and aims to provide Olympic and Paralympic athletes from all over the world with cushions made out of British wool.

Some of the pillows have already been distributed, and Twitter also tells me that the Polish team is set to receive its cushions tomorrow, but the organizers want to make sure that every athlete who wants a cushion is able to receive one, so they’re putting out a last-minute call to the needles. If you want to help out you can find information on making cushions, free patterns and what your design can’t include (trademarks of the Games, for instance). I’m guessing at this late hour the closer you live to London the better it will be, but there are local contacts you can find through the contact page for more information on if and how you can help.

What a fun way to welcome the athletes and support the British fiber industry and the work of knitters at the same time!

[Photo by Woolsack.]

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