Bag Hag

I’m a longtime fan of Namaste products. I have a set of their beautiful glass needles displayed in my office, and have used one of their older Messenger bags to tote around larger projects for years. Their latest line The Cali Collection however, has offially given me a “bag crush”. So much so, that’s I’ve completely ditched the purse I just made for myself in favor of using the charcoal Laguna as both knitting bag and daily carryall! With it’s roomy and smartly organized interior, and it’s Sex-in-the-Knitty-esque exterior, the Namaste ladies have definitely, boosted Needle Arts’ glamour level.

If you feel like packing lighter (and dare I say, sassier) for your next day/night on the town (I know I’m not the only one that brings at least a small project out with me wherever I go!), then the Cali Clutch (see below) is a MUST HAVE. It’s ingenious design and modern shape makes it both functional and fashionable! I personally have the turquoise version and *heart* it so much that it stays perched on my desk so I can just stare at it. Amazing handbags+knitting friendly=utter accessory bliss! Oh, and for all of you fellow veggies out there, all of Namaste’s bags are leather free. Bonus!

You can get your own CC bag at your local yarn store, but the full collection is available for your viewing pleasure on the Namaste website. I dare you to not covet one (or three)!


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    the Namaste bags are amazing! i’ve had the aqua clutch for a few months now and i really love it. i feel the urge to splurge on another! :) marg

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    I love my bag! I have the Laguna in Hollywood Pink and use it every day. I probably should have gotten a less conspicuous color had I known that I would’ve been using it everyday but I really like the pink.

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    Ooo – I pre-odered the newport bag in peacock and I should be getting it soon. I can’t wait! I also love the laguna bag. That will probably be my next “retail therapy” purchase.

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