Calligraphy Bible

Calligraphy Bible by Maryanne Grebstein

Is an in-depth look at the ancient art of calligraphy. It covers everything from the basic, like how to hold the pen, all the way down to the origins of calligraphy. Containing  10 different alphabets, there is a writing style for everybody! Attention to detail is one of the contributing factors to why this is the perfect how-to for any beginning calligrapher. This guide is complete with Alphabet workbook, Design & Color, and Decorative Detail sections so nothing is left out.

In the alphabet workbook, you learn how to write 10 different letterforms in capitals and lowercase.  You learn what angle to hold the pen, the stroke order, and what it is used for. This section shows 8 different variations of each letterform. A few different alphabets in this book include Uncials, Gothic, Batarde, Italic, and many more! You also get 3 lines for practicing each letter.

In the Design & Color section, you choose what text you are going to work with and then  decide an effective layout and find the correct color for your project. You get examples of the projects you can use each alphabet in, to aid you in picking the writing style best suited for yourself. The next thing you learn in this section is the basics of page layout and margins. Calligraphy is not only used for writing, it is an art. The concern of this section is the visual impact of letter shapes, and it allows you to explore the visual dynamics of letter placing without reference to language content.

Decorative Detail combines abstract alphabetical designs with the language form. You learn how to turn your project into real art. This section offers instruction on how to embellish your texts. There are step-by-step instructions for designing and gilding illuminated letters. You find out different ways to complete your pieces with embellishments to letters such as flourishes and ornamental elements. Don’t what to just have a bland paper with some fancy writing on it? That’s ok, because you learn how to border your paper in this section.

Not only does this book cover absolutely everything you need to know about Calligraphy, it is also very well written. The language used is easy to understand, and the layout is very well placed. I would recommend Calligraphy Bible  to anyone wanting to learn Calligraphy, or anyone who just wants to create a unique project. This is an excellent book for anyone, beginners and advanced alike.

 (written by Gavin Shaw, my grandson who knows a whole lot more about Calligraphy than I do!)


  1. Julie Rule says

    “Calligraphers make great pen friends!” That was my quote when I used to learn calligraphy many years ago.Hope you like it.

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