Calorimetry and Sifa and a FREE Pattern!

So, I got myself a couple of skeins of Sifa Silver yarn. Very nice yarn. Soft yarn. Easy to work with yarn. Yummy yarn! Composition is 95% cotton (chain plied, so it stretches) and 5% silver. Yup! Real silver!

Silver is a natural healing element and these old arthritic fingers sure appreciated that.

This yarn is from Knit Outta The Box, and while currently it only comes in the natural color there is talk of earthy colors coming down the pike.

Now, obviously the Calorimetry Headband isn’t done, still needs to have ends tied in, blocked and buttons, but it’s so comfortable. I can’t wait to have it finished.

Be sure to visit the Knit Outta The Box website, and sign up for the newsletter. Oh, and before I forget, sign up for the newsletter, and get a free pattern!

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  1. Ellen says

    Looks like the same free one in Knitty’s Winter 2006 & you don’t have to give any personal info.

  2. says


    please note Sifa Silver has been rebranded by the spinner to Figgi Yarns, knitouttathebox has no legal association with this yarn anymore and is not supplied by us any more, the distributors for Figgi Yarns are xena knits

    thank you

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