DPN Hugger – What???

So, ok, yeah, this is TECHNICALLY a sewing project, but it’s for our knitting needles, so it’s all good right?

Using a few scraps of fabric and some elastic, you can stitch up a holder for your socks-in-progress, to keep … Read More ...

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Stitch Marker Jewelry

Wooden beads, a basket charm and easy toggle to attach it to your wrist or current knitting.

Get one for each of your projects, and, if you forget to take it off, no problem! It’s pretty stylish too.

Click on … Read More ...

There’s An App For That….

And it’s called SockCalc!And if you’re like me, your iphone goes with you E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E!

Sooooo Easy. Knit a swatch, enter your needle size(s), measure your swatch and input the row and stitch counts, measure your foot and leg, input those, … Read More ...