best knitting sitesThe fiber blogger who goes by the nickname purl3agony has compiled a great list of some of her favorite resources for knitting and crochet online, and it’s a great collection. (Yes, my site at About made the cut, thanks …

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craft dailyInterweave has just launched a new subscription video site called Craft Daily, where you can access hundreds of videos with instruction on knitting, crochet, beading, mixed media, sewing and more.

An unlimited number of videos can be viewed for …

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 Knit and Crochet Now is a PBS TV show. Seriously, I have never heard of this show!

This bunny pattern is free HERE

But don’t just stop there, click on the View Videos link and you’ll be treated to over …

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Knit it Now is one of the leading sites for machine knitting. There have webinars, stitch libraries, a learning library, online classes and challenges.

From their learning library, Calculating Shoulder Shaping, HERE

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Manchester, New Hampshire in October, and San Mateo, CA in November of 2012! That’s right – 2 locations!

From their Press Release:

Interweave Knitting Lab New England, October 4-7, 2012: The Radisson Hotel Manchester, in scenic New Hampshire, located just …

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Awwwww! Adorable! She’s so cute, and this cardigan is just the icing on the cake. Pink hearts, with blue, green, purple and pin stripes combines with the ribbed frills make this a total project. Actually, we have a new granddaughter …

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Morehouse Farms Merino brings us a free pattern for these adorable puppets.


But beyond that, check out their kits, yarns, and essentials.

Lots of patterns for everything you can think of.

Check out Morehouse Farms Merino, HERE

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Now, knit your socks without a pattern!

This “guide” will teach you how to, with the help of a gauge swatch and your measurements, how to knit your socks without a pattern. From there, all you need is an idea …

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Cindy is on a mission to knit all the patterns in the book “Sock Yarn: One Skein Wonders”. She’s completed 25 patterns so far, and is blogging about her adventures.

Follow along as she pursues the rest of the projects …

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And now only 9.99!

Entrelac, Modular and Mitered knitting projects and techniques.

Interweave rises to the next generation of knitting, eMags allow you to watch videos, zoom in on stitch definition, hear designer interviews, click off to websites to purchase

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Colorways….Artison Hues in Fiber and Fabric, the ultimate in spinning and dyeing from the ultimate authority – Interweave!

You only need to click on this emag to be transported to the ancient lands of the South American Indians to learn …

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Ya know, when I first started to knit I experimented with different stitch patterns and made lots and lots of these kinds of squares. I swatched also, although at that time I had no idea why I should keep them …

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Easter Calendar 2011

With this Easter Calendar we send you some creative craft ideas to keep up your activity level all through easter.
This Easter Calendar includes brand new DROPS patterns.
Happy Easter from all of us at DROPS Design
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I’ve just found a new blog! I love knitting blogs, and look for and read them constantly. I use Google Reader, myself, it gathers up all of my subscriptions and deposits them in one place. Just like that! Just that …

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The first time someone suggested to me that I should learn to spin I likely looked at them like they’d grown a third head.

I didn’t  need another hobby, I said. Knitting is enough for me, I insisted until I saw …

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