Check out Franklin Habit in the Lion Brand Notebook

pattern alteration franklin habitI’m kind of in love with Franklin Habit. The knitter behind the hilarious blog The Panopticon never fails to make me smile with his views on knitting and life. (If you haven’t seen them already, go take a look at the posts about knitting and crochet patterns published in Woman’s Day in the 1970s. You’ll thank me later.)

So I’m really excited that there’s now another place on the web to find him. He’s now doing a monthly column for Lion Brand Yarn that will run in their Weekly Stitch Newsletter. You can also read it online.

The first installment was recently released, and it’s all about the virtues of knitting for yourself. I have to tell you I’ve had this exact discussion with myself about how many purchased sweaters I own when I could make something so much nicer for myself.

Go, read, and let’s make this the year we all do a little more knitting for the person who will most appreciate it — and don’t you dare call it selfish!

[Photo via Lion Brand Yarn.]

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