Check out Kristin Nicholas’ New Fair Isle Hat Class

kristin nicholas fair isleI don’t know how the online crafty classroom Creativebug escaped my notice for so long, but I was led there by something earlier this week and noticed that they have a brand-new class from Kristin Nicholas all about knitting a basic Fair Isle hat.

You should know from the outset that basic for Kristin still involves three colors, and some duplicate stitch to make it look more complex, but this really is a pretty easy pattern and, better yet, a pretty pattern.

Creativebug, it turns out, offers classes in all sorts of skills, from knitting and crochet to apothecary (soap and essential oil use), jewelry making, paper crafts, printmaking and more.

Some of the classes are available for free, while premium content (such as Kristin’s classes; she also has one on more general colorwork knitting) is viewable for $24.99 a month if billed monthly (or as little as $16.99 a month if billed six months at a time). Unfortunately you can’t buy a single class if you just want to see what their content is like, but you can look at the free stuff to get a feel for it.

Is anyone a member of Creativebug? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

[Photo via Creativebug.]


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