Check Out the Interweave Hurt Book Sale

don't miss interweave's hurt book saleI don’t usually promote sales on the site because there are so many and they are over so quickly it’s not usually worth it, but one sale I always check out each year is the Interweave Hurt Book Sale. It used to be that this sale was strictly items that had been damaged in the warehouse (things with bent covers, stuff like that), but it’s expanded over the years to offer “hurt” prices on other books, magazines and DVDs.

That link above is to the knitting section of the sale, but of course they offer publications in a range of crafts including crochet, quilting, jewelry making and mixed media as well.

I’m seeing lots of great books that retail for $24.95 going for $6.24, which is a great deal.

When I was looking around there were things in the sale section without sale prices on them, and it seemed to change me from sale prices to not sale prices depending on where I was looking, but your patience is likely to be rewarded with some great deals. And the sale is consistently updated over the course of a few weeks, so keep checking back for more goodies.

Did you score a great deal? I’d love to hear about it!

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