Christmas Gifts For Knitters

It’s coming. Fall is in the air in the morning and later on in the evening. Up here summer is fleeting especially this one, and with it’s demise brings the hectic autumn “nesting” schedules. Put meat in the freezer, start canning everything not nailed down, get generators and candles ready, woodpiles must be cut, split and stacked. And, after all that’s done, the holiday season looms!

christmas_knitsYou know it’s coming, it tends to do that every year, so why not get an early start!

This ornament kit from KnitPicks features quick, easy hand knitted ornaments. Did I mention quick? Go here for this cute selection:

And, when you’re done with that and want to knitterstoolboxtreat yourself or another knitter to a fun selection, this Knitters Toolbox Deluxe Knitter’s Kit is just the answer! Here:

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