Conductive Yarn Used for Cool Gadget Interactions

big squeeze knit juicerWe all love our gadgets, but there’s something kind of cold and impersonal about using them. Touching a screen or flipping a switch isn’t very soul-satisfying, but as knitters we know that connecting with yarn is.

Those two things — fiber and technology — might not seem to go together, but they do for Royal College of Art student Yen Chen Chang, who has developed gadgets that use conductive yarn as part of their means of operation.

There’s a juicer that works when two people squeeze a giant knit ball (pictured here), a fan that works by petting a patch of knit carpet that looks like grass and a light that dims when you pull on a knit chain.

None of these projects are likely to hit mass production, but they do offer an interesting perspective on our everyday lives and how we interact with machines. Wouldn’t it be nice if some of those things could be a little warmer and fuzzier?

Check out more on this project, including a video of the machines in use, at Wired.

[Photo by Yen Chen Chang, via Wired.]


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