Cute Felted Owls!

Not free, but they’d be easy to make. Over at the Little Owl Arts Etsy Shop, HERE

These are just the cutest things, you can make a whole bunch of little owlets for your nest!


  1. says

    hi, i am so happy that you think my work is cute and appreciate that you have posted about it here with a link to the blog post! however, i would like to point out as an independent arts/small business owner, it is a bit insulting to say they would be easy to make. while not the most complicated process, i have spent a lot of time (hours upon hours) created and tweaking my design, not to mention (like it says in my blog post and on my etsy listings) all the time that goes into preparation for these. i do all the work to get the wool ready for these, this includes cleaning, carding and dyeing the wool, and it is quite a labor of love. i don’t mind you posting about how these would be great to make, but could you please not cheapen my work by calling it easy. i have been hesitant to post this comment because i don’t want to sound rude and really do appreciate you sharing it, but it hurts a little to have not credit given to the work that goes into it.

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