Day 10 Winner

shawl book winnerThis is another time the random number generator is making me smile. One of the commenters on this post said she was getting the roundup e-mail from Craft Gossip and when she clicked on the link it said the giveaway was closed.

This has something to do with the timing of when those links are automatically pulled from the website, but the good news is I have to manually close comments on the giveaways, so you can actually still reply (and enter) when it says it is closed, so long as I haven’t picked a winner yet.

The reason this is a funny story is because the winner is number 67, Carrie, the exact person who made that comment. So, see, there’s no penalty in entering a little late. Congratulations!


  1. Carrie Thomas says

    That is funny. I was getting so bugged by it, I was checking my emails settings to see if it was hanging things up. I always get my craft gossip just after midnight, and I’m not ashamed to say I open right up to start peeking and bookmarking all the links I want to read and explore in more detail the next day. Just thrilled to end up with a book of shawls, it’s what is on my needles now, and what is considered winter wear here in arizona. Heck it’s summer wear here too with the AC that is cranked down wherever you go. Glad to find out I wasn’t going crazy, and I have something to look forward too. Thank you.

  2. lyn lewis says

    Ive noticed that too but then Im over in the UK so time differences obviously factor in there. The US only draws I would be unable to take part in anyway and I tend not to enter any that are postally heavy, out of fairness to the Giveaway-er!
    I do enjoy reading the digests though and learn a great deal as well as find some fascinating blogs in any case.
    Congrats Carrie!

  3. Anne Marie says

    Good to know. I was bummed when I got the message after having to fill in at hubby’s office yesterday and missing my morning coffee and blog crawl!

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