Day 11 Winner

dvd winnerOh, I love when this happens! I actually just won a giveaway at a friend’s site for being the first commenter, which I always kind of hate to be because what are the odds the random number generator is going to pick one? (I know, same as the odds it will pick any other number; that’s why it’s random.)

Anyway, today’s winner of the Getting Started DVD is number 1, Ruth D., who has been knitting for 45 years so she probably doesn’t need a DVD for new knitters, but hopefully she can pass it on to someone else who can use it!

Congratulations! All these giveaways are wearing me out, so if I haven’t contacted you and you’re a winner, I will try to get to you tomorrow. Thanks so much!


  1. Ruth D says

    Woohoo! Thanks so much! I started teaching my daughter a few years ago and she’s the real winner! We’re so excited!

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