Day 17 Winner

romi winnerI feel like a bit of a winner because I made it through this whole 17 days of giveaways and am only waiting for one more address so that I can send out a shelf full of goodies to places all over the country (and even a couple of places in Canada!). There’s one more winner to announce, though, and that’s number 38 from the Romi Hill comments, also known as Candy, who says knitting is therapeutic and helps her focus while listening at church.

Congratulations to everyone who one, and a huge thank you to everyone who took part. This really was a lot of fun for me, and I’m so thrilled at the giant stack of stuff that’s making its way out of my office really soon.

If you didn’t win, you should know that I have now an even bigger pile of stuff I want to give away because I just spent the weekend cleaning off my bookshelves. I intend to continue to do about one giveaway a week, but I think I’m taking this week off!

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