Destatsh for a Good Cause: Knitting for Charity

stash bustingIf you have yarn that you like but there’s just too much of it for you to knit it all for yourself and those friends and family members who who be grateful (because, let’s face it, not everyone in our lives deserves our knitting), the next option would be to knit things with an eye toward donating them to charity.

There are all sorts of charitable organizations out there that accept handknits, though the requirements and items accepted vary widely. You can find places to donate blankets for animals in shelters, sweaters and hats for homeless people of all ages, chemo caps and hats for preemies, even burial gowns for infants who didn’t make it out of the hospital. And that’s just the beginning.

I like to urge people who are interested in knitting for charity to look locally first. Is there a local homeless shelter that would accept knit hats or socks? A prayer shawl ministry you can support? Or even an affiliate of a larger group like Project Linus or Warm Up America.

If that’s not something that appeals to you, check out the Lion Brand Charity Finder, my list of charity knitting sites at About, or just do a web search for knitting charities maybe with some qualifiers about what you’d like to knit or for whom (as in, children’s hat charity knitting, for instance).

Most of all, check with the charity or group you intend to knit for and make sure you’re clear on what their needs are in terms of item type, sizes and fiber content of yarn before you get started. We want to knit things that will actually be useful, right?

If you have a favorite knitting charity that you’ve worked with in the past, I’d love to hear about it!


  1. karen says

    I have been working on using up my stash. Two blankets, several hats.

    Now I am working on hats for newborns, and hats, blankets and gloves for the homeless.

  2. Rose S. says

    I knit up a stash of scarves and hats, put them in my car, and when I meet a squad car that is not in an emergency situation, I visit with the officers and give them the bags of hats and scarves for them to give to needy people when they come across them. The need has been REALLY great this year.

  3. says

    I have done squares for Warm Up Canada. One of my dear friend, he along with his family goes to Honduras to set up schools and homes. I donate some of my teddy bears to them to pass along to the children.

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