Exploring the Options in Colorwork

colorwork knittingDeciding which colors go together in your color knitting projects is a really personal choice and a skill that can only be honed through practice. But the good folk at the Knit Picks blog (specifically, Kerin) wanted to explore some of the many options that are available to a knitter to help them understand how different colors work together even without picking up the needles.

Her post on choosing colors for colorwork shows knitting charts with different colors — 35 different colorways, to be precise! — to illustrate the difference little changes can make in an overall project. It’s really cool, and a great idea if you’re designing your own projects and happen to have a knitting chart program on your computer. You can play with the colors before you even go to the yarn store (though of course colors on screen and in real life can look different).

How do you like to choose colors for a colorwork project? Or do you just use what the pattern calls for? Spill it!

[Photo via Knit Picks.]

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