Extreme Makeover For Knitting Show


Well it’s a sign of the times when even television shows are getting extreme makeovers and “Needle Arts Studio with Shay Pendray” is the next contestant. They will be receiving a new name, new theme and a new set.

The 30 minute episodes which begin in July will be hosted by “Interweave Knits” Editor Eunny Jang, “Interweave Crochet” Editor Kim Werker, “Handwoven” Managing Editor and former Managing Editor of “Spin-Off,” Liz Gipson, along with Shay Pendray.

If you are more of a do-er than a watcher then “KnittingDailyTV ” vows to merge how-to television programming with the online community in an exciting new way.

KnittingDailyTV.com is the online companion to the TV show. The site will feature video clips, episode recaps, patterns, interactive discussion, local TV schedules, and more. In addition, “KnittingDailyTV ” will have a presence on MySpace and Facebook and episode previews will be available on YouTube.

The show will regularly invite the Knitting Daily online community to be a part of the program by incorporating segments such as “You Asked It,” where hosts answer everyday needle-arts questions of people in the online community or “You Made It,” featuring their handmade creations—bringing a fun twist to the traditional knitting circle and the viral concept of the online knit-along.

“Knitting Daily TV” is produced by KS Inc. Productions and will be offered in the same public television time slot as Needle Arts Studio, which has carriage in more than 157 markets and distribution to 55 million U.S households.


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