Finishing Workshop: Weaving in Ends

weaving in endsOne little thing that can trip people up when they’re finishing a knit item is how to weave in the ends. I guess that’s because there’s no universally approved right way to do it (as with so much else in knitting) and if you don’t do it well it can be a real irritant when you wear or use a garment.

Trust me on this one: I have a cowl I wear all the time that has a loose end sticking out. But do I fix it? No, I just let it annoy me every. single. time. I put it on and make sure I wear it to the back where no one will see it. I think I just added another “finishing” chore to my list!

I will admit to being a rather haphazard end-weaver. I like to hide them in seams when I can, or behind the floats in colorwork. But I can’t say I really have a style of weaving in ends.

I am trying to do more of the diagonal weave that’s explained in this piece from Knitting Daily. Basically you work diagonally in one direction, then turn and work back diagonally again. This does seem to really help to secure the ends, and it’s even better if you block the item afterward so those ends get even more locked in place.

Do you have a method for weaving in ends? I’d love to hear about it!

[Photo via Knitting Daily.]

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