First Ever KAL with SWTC Karaoke Yarn

I have finally done it, I have committed to a[tag] KAL[/tag]. I joined the [tag]South West Trading Company[/tag] [tag]Knit a Long[/tag] using [tag]Karaoke yarn[/tag]. This is a [tag]soysilk and wool blend[/tag] sold at [tag]SWTC.[/tag] The knit a long is held at [tag]yahoo groups[/tag]. [tag]Joan Somerville[/tag] designed a gorgeous mitered square sweater for adults that we are going to make together.

There is still plenty of time to join as we are starting to pick our colors and swatch our mitered squares. Here are the yarns I’m going to swatch. Can you tell I can’t decide – and the sweater only calls for two different ones. How to pick just two? I will post my swatches in a few days and maybe you can help.


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