Free Dishcloth Patterns

You all seem to like the dishcloth patterns we dig up, and of course, if they’re free, that’s all the better, so I went a-searchin’.

Probably the largest repository I found was here:

They’ve got everything you can imagine, except the Red Wings. Hmmm, someone will have to design a Red Wings dish cloth, but don’t look here, no time for that.

I have a sweater that’s almost done (would have been a lot more done, if my 2 year old gd hadn’t gotten hold of it!) A scarf in the works and a hooded scarf/vest thing going. Oh and a pair of socks. Yeah, and don’t forget the vest that I had to start because I was in a mood that day and it was labeled experienced! (I’ll show them!) And that’s just what can be seen at a moments notice, I’m sure there are lots more.

So anyway, back to dishcloths, there is a wonderful Yahoo group called dishcloth of the week where they work on different techniques while making their cloths.

Here’s another website with  more dishcloths that anyone could ever knit:

You know what else I’ve found that has nothing to do with dishcloths? Facebook! What a fun little time waster that is! Look me up, if you mention craftgossip, I’ll be sure to friend you!


  1. says

    OK, there are lots of dishcloths but all of them are knitted, what about crochet ones? My knitting leaves something to be desired, I have knitted dishcloths cause that is something I can knit and actually use!

  2. Terri Baas says

    The lady that is having trouble knitting, I learned from a neighbour. She saw instantly why my mother could not teach me. It was the needles. As soon as she gave me circular needles, I was hooked. Maybe that is the same thing that is troubling you. A tip to remove the curls in the cord, turn hot water tap on and run the cord from needle to needle. If this doesn’t work boil water and in a large saucepan place the needles for a short while.

  3. Fran wickens says

    I am looking for a pattern for an Orca Whale .dishcloth Pattern does any one know where I can get one

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