Free Knitting Pattern: Cornucopia Wristers by Tanis Gray

cornucopia wristersY’all know by now my obsession with wristers, mitts, fingerless gloves, whatever you want to call them. Items that give a little warmth for the hands while leaving the fingers free for typing or knitting. Ilove them. It seems like I design one or two every fall and winter season.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t admire and want to knit other people’s patterns, too. These Cornucopia Wristers by Tanis Gray caught my eye because they’re so quick, easy and pretty. The yarn used is thick and thin, which gives the pattern texture without much work on your part. The pattern stitch combines garter stitch with a row of eyelets and one row of purl on the wrong side to make a little stockinette stripe, too. They’re available as a free download from Ravelry.

Worked flat and seamed, you can make a pair of these in no time (and with just one hank of yarn). Holiday knitting, anyone?

[Photo by Tanis Gray.]


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