Free Knitting Pattern: Pierre de Coubertin’s Mustache

coubertin moustahce chartNow that the Fourth of July is over, the next big even ton the minds of Americans and many others around the world is the Olympics, which start three weeks from tomorrow (July 27).

The founder of the modern Olympics is said to be Pierre de Coubertin, a French aristocrat who founded the International Olympic Committee and is credited as being one of the people who helped restart the Games (and, according to Wikipedia, he was awarded a gold medal for literature at the 1912 games for his poem “Ode to Sport.” Now there’s an Olympic contest I can get behind!).

All of this does have something to do with knitting. A little bit. Isabelle Dutailly, the bilingual knitter behind Aiguilles magiques (Magic needles), designed a mustache chart inspired by de Coubertin’s prolific facial hair that you can use to embellish all sorts of knitting, from a simple dishtowel or washcloth to a pair of wrist warmers or a hat. I’ve been wanting to do a coffee cup cozy with a mustache on the side, and this chart may just inspire me to get started.

Are you excited about the Olympics? What event is your favorite? Spill it!

[Photo by Aiguilles magiques.]


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