Free Knitting Pattern Ring

There are many places on the net to get [tag]free knitting patterns[/tag]. Some contain pictures of the items, most are text only sites and you can just print the pattern. I am focused on socks currently (could be the cold Michigan winter that has my toes frozen) and have looked at hundreds of patterns.

In my surfing the ‘net, I came across the free knitting patterns web ring. One of the sites is Wool Works. This site is noncommercial, volunteer-run site full of information for hand knitters. Wool Works has been online since 1994 and on its own domain since September 20, 1997. Wool Works, formerly known as the Online Knitting Magazine, is the oldest collection of hand knitting information on the Web

Clicking on the Patterns button sent me to a list of pattern types – sweaters, socks. Doll clothes, SOCKS – I had to check out the sock page. WOW, the sock patterns filled a whole page, and best of all they were all FREE!! I will be busy printing [tag]patterns[/tag] and using some of my [tag]sock yarn[/tag] stash for quite a long time.

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