Free Knitting Pattern: Squishy, Sentimental Scarf

squishy sentimental scarfThis is not the sort of knitting project that you really need a pattern for, but Make It Handmade’s post about her Squishy Sentimental Scarf is a great reminder that all the little odds and ends left over from favorite projects could — and should! — be combined into a project that can keep us or a loved one warm and serve as a reminder of all the great knitting we’ve done in the past.

I love horizontal scarves like this that use a whole bunch of little odd balls — my Horizontal Scarf is like this but you don’t even have to weave in the ends because you knit with each strand for just one row and leave tails at each end for fringe. I love that scarf so much (and I gave it away, so I really need to knit another one!) that I started on a shawl worked in the same manner, but I didn’t get that far, and I stole the needle out of it for some reason, but that sure would be a fun project for the winter!

What do you do with your sentimental yarn scarps? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

[Photo via Make it Handmade.]


  1. Becky PS says

    I have lots of odd little balls of yarn. I need to record what I make in my Knitting Journal so I can remember what yarn was used for which creation!!!

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