Free Knitting Pattern: Super Easy Baby Blanket Redux

purl bee super easy baby blanketThe Purl Bee has added several great new knitting patterns in the past few days, but most notable is the update to the Super Easy Baby Blanket.

The original blanket pattern was posted in 2008, and it’s a hugely popular pattern because it’s simple — just garter stitch — but also really pretty because of all the stripes. It was worked in Alchemy Temple, a superwash merino, in seven bold stripes.

The new variation uses Kertsi Merino Crepe from Koigu, which is not a superwash wool but it’s very pretty. Because it’s hand-dyed each skein is unique and semi-solid, which adds another dimension to the blankie not found in the original.

Garter stitch is a great choice for a baby blanket because it lies flat, looks good on both sides (though there will be little color breaks on the “wrong” side where you change colors) and it’s super easy and fast to knit up. I actually am about to start working on a garter stitch blanket for my baby book, too!

[Photo by The Purl Bee.]



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