Free Pattern: 4th Doctor Handbag

doctor who handbagIf you’re at all a fan of knitting geekery, I’m sure you’ve seen patterns for the scarf made famous by the fourth Doctor from the BBC series Doctor Who. I’d love to knit one someday, but I don’t know if I have the tolerance for that much garter stitch.

If you want the look of a Doctor Who project without actually having to knit the whole scarf, try Arafly’s handbag pattern, which uses a similar striping pattern to make it look as if the Doctor’s scarf fell apart and was refashioned into a purse.

This is a pretty easy pattern but does require a lot of finishing because it’s knit in pieces. But it’s super cute and would be the perfect accessory for a con or even just to hold your role playing gear.

[Photo by Arafly.]


  1. Jac says

    Hi just started to knit the ‘ doctors’ bag/purse have just completed front piece. Back piece is to be done as front piece, does that include rows 27/28 as before?
    Kind regards


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