Free Pattern: Dayflower Shawlette

dayflower shawletteThough patterns are pretty much always written with a specific yarn in mind, sometimes it’s relatively easy to substitute something you have on hand (medium weight wool, for instance, or a 100 percent cotton yarn). But sometimes the yarn is so special you really want to use what the pattern calls for, even if it means a special trip to the yarn store (oh, darn!) or an online order.

Such is the case with the Dayflower Shawlette, a pattern published by Classic Elite yarns and designed by Amy Loberg. The body is mostly simple garter stitch shaped with short rows to make the shawl hang nicely on the shoulders. The edging is a pretty lace that’s sort of leafy and viney.

You could work this in a variety of yarns, but the chosen yarn, Classic Elite Firefly, is such a beauty you’ll want to seek it out. This linen/rayon combo is shiny, drapey and just really pretty, catching the eye on the needles and in the finished project.

[Photo by Classic Elite.]


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