Free Pattern – Fallen Out Of Love Scarf

From the Tumpedduck blog: It has happened to the best of us. You go into a LYS or are surfing on Etsy and you find a skein of wild and crazy hand-painted sock yarn. It isn’t what you would normally get, but something about it calls to you. And you justify to yourself, look at the yardage, I could make a pair of socks. Or a small lace shawl. Or a scarf. I will totally find a great way to  use this. I love this, it must be mine.
And it comes home with you, and it joins your stash.  Or it shows up in the mailbox and you realize that the yarn artist must have their computer screen on drastically different settings than yours, and it joins your stash.And it marinates.And then you pull it out and try to remember what the heck you were smoking when you made that particular purchase. You have fallen out of love.”

This scarf pattern fixes you all up! Take 2 skeins of yarn that by themselves are a kind of “meh”, twist them together and start knitting. Magic!

Click HERE to get the FREE pattern!


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