Free Pattern: Men’s Go Team Mittens

go team mittensNot too long ago I shared with you the pattern for the women’s Go Team Mittens, and Kat at Just Crafty Enough has come back with a men’s version that comes complete with a University of Michigan theme and a blank chart so you can sport mittens to cheer on any team you like.

When I showed you the other mittens I talked a little bit about licensing of sports logos and images, and I bring it up again only because in the time since I wrote this I saw someone on Facebook who sells hand-painted items with our local mascot on them was being told to stop because she didn’t have a license to produce them. She thought because she was painting them from scratch and wasn’t “copying” anything that she was safe, which is clearly not the case. (Not saying you’ll get in trouble for knitting yourself mittens, of course, I just think copyright law is interesting.)

[Photo via Just Crafty Enough.]

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