Free Pattern: Mother’s Love Hoodie

mother's love hoodie karen kingMoms — and dads, of course! — spend a lot of their time as parents trying to protect their children as well as give them the resources they need to go out in the world without our protection. Though parenting is one job the goal of which is to work yourself out of, it can still be jarring when it’s time for our little ones to go off on their own.

So when knitter Karen King’s daughter decided to take her junior year in high school to study abroad, she wanted to do what any knitting parent would do: cover her child in the love that only a knit garment can provide.

What she came up with is the Mother’s Love Hoodie (available as a PDF on the linked page). The front features OXO cables and a tied ribbing, both of which are meant to express the connections between mother and child. The back of the top-down raglan hooded vest also has a tree of life pattern. It’s a cute, quick knit in bulky yarn that will keep anyone you love warm and protected.

[Photo by Karen King Knits.]


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